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A Star Auto & Manual Driving School FAQs

In order to learn to drive, you need to be 17 years old and have a valid provisional licence (16 if you receive the higher rate disability living allowance).You can complete a form up to three months before your 17th birthday, and you can either pick one up from the post office or apply online at the DVLA website.
Managing Director and owner of the company is Mrs. Shakeela Butt
Your provisional licence, glasses if worn, sensible low level shoes No flip-flops, comfortable clothing, gift voucher or money for the lesson cost.
How many lessons are needed on average before starting manoeuver’s, i.e. reversing, etc. Different instructors will begin teaching manoeuvres at different times. Some will begin to teach manoeuvring as soon as the opportunity presents itself, for example to find somewhere to park at the end of the lesson or if taking a wrong turn into a cul-de-sac. Other instructors prefer to have their pupils master the art of driving forwards before they introduce them to driving backwards.
Your first lesson will be in a tuition car so that your instructor can assess your ability. The instructor will then decide if you can drive your own car in your lessons. Remember that the car’s dual controls make it much safer if you’re having an off-day!
You can, but it depends on your instructor. You can arrange this with your instructor after you have had your first lesson.
Yes. Most of our instructors do offer lessons in the evening and at weekends, although these are the most popular times and tend to get booked up far in advance.
The pass mark is 43 out of 50 for the multiple choice part and 44 out of 75 for the hazard perception part, remember you need to reach the pass mark for both parts at the same time in order to pass your theory test.
If you are dyslexic or have other reading difficulties you can ask for an English voiceover and request to have up to double time for the multiple choice part of the test.
If you learn to drive with a driving instructor you will take your test in the instructor’s car, the examiners do not supply a car for the test.
Yes. Our instructors work with their pupils to create tailored courses. Contact us for their availability.
You can move your booking to an earlier or later date, if a slot is available online. You’ll be able to search for a new test date or change the test centre where you are taking your test. You can only change bookings that are confirmed. You need to give at least three clear working days notice before your test date to avoid losing your test fee.

Course FAQs

The cost of learning to drive depends on a variety of factors, including the cost of lessons and the deal which has been offered to you, how much driving experience you already have, and how much private practice you do. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency advises that it can take on average 45 hours of professional tuition before booking a driving test we average 27.5 hours. OUR PRICE LIST.
Ideally, yes but not a must. A lot depends on the period of time over which you are looking to do the course. Typically, the waiting times for the theory test is 2 weeks and for driving tests between 4 and 8 weeks. The practical driving test cannot be booked until the theory test has been passed
Yes, as long as you have already passed your theory test we will be happy to book driving tests for our pupils
Yes. For your theory test preparation you ideally need an Official Highway Code and a Theory Test CD-Rom. We also sell an excellent Learn to Drive DVD, priced at £9.99, which will help you massively in passing your driving test. If you have any more questions which aren`t listed here, please feel free to call us on +44(0)7805 990 958, or e-mail us at
We have a range of modern cars, such as the Ford Fiesta, Ford Ka, Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 207 and Ford Focus which all come with dual controls for your peace of mind and safety.
Yes we do offer intensive driving courses. These can be anything from one week upwards. Undertaking an intensive course will depend on several factors, such as previous experience and whether you have passed your theory test. If you want to go ahead, we will arrange a two hour driving assessment and advise you of your best route to test.
The number of lessons required varies from student to student and is dependent on many factors, such as age availability and learning style. Your instructor will, however, monitor your progress with our individual learning plan On the Move and keep you fully informed.

Special Offers

First 2 hours – £25

First 5 hours – £70

First 10 hours – £170

Students Discount

First 2 hours – £23

First 5 hours – £65

First 10 hours – £165

Normal Prices

First 1 hours – £23

10 hours block booking – £215

Students Discount

1 hour – £22

10 hrs block booking – £210

Contact us and we will find out if there is someone near you who speaks your language, so far we teach in English, Urdu, Mirpuri, Punjabi and Hindi.

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